Singapore 2017

Our Europe trip has finally arrived!! We got our plane to Singapore without any problems and arrived on time. Had a bit of problem trying to get a train to our accommodations because I didn’t want to get a SMRT card and pay the deposit when we would only be there for one day…but we […]

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Camping at Cooloola

A group of us decided to celebrate the new year by camping at Cooloola in the Great Sandy National Park, at Teewah Beach. There were days of preparation for which only two were available, poor buggers! However, on the 29th of December, we took off towards Tewantin, from where we had to catch the ferry: […]

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A Noosa Getaway

My friend, Eileen, asked me to accompany her on a mid-week getaway to Noosa and I was easy to convince. I thought I’d not see anything new, because I’ve been to Noosa before….I was so wrong! First stop was at our accommodations at Noosa Lakes Resort at Tewantin. Though we were there a couple of […]

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Minoh/Mino-o Area

After breakfast, Taeko’s husband gave us a lift to the subway station and Taeko, Ela and I got the subway to Umeda where we met up with Taeko’s english teacher and friend for our excursion to Minoh/Mino-o – spelling seems to be interchangeable! We got the train to Mino-o station and then walked through beautiful […]

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Taeko made us a nice breakfast and then her daughter picked Taeko and us up with her two girls, and drove us to Nara. Our first stop was at Horyuji Temple. The complex has the oldest wooden structure in the world, apparently. Fortunately, it wasn’t so very over-run with tourists. Then we walked over to […]

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We had seen most everything I’d planned to see in Kyoto and had the day to kill, so, since we still had our JR Pass, we decided to make use of that and go to Hikone Castle. It’s about an hour away from Kyoto – about 1.5 from Osaka, our destination that evening – so […]

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Another day in Kyoto

We had another Saturday in Kyoto – this one was overcast though. I did some research as to which places we hadn’t been to that were unlikely to be filled with tourists. We were half lucky 🙂 After coffee we bought ourselves the 600 Yen all day subway ticket – this wasn’t as easy as […]

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We had our last brekky at the Guesthouse and then dragged our luggage to the ferry and train and bought ourselves some lunch to have on the hour long bullet train journey to Himeji. I’d been to Himeji castle before, but it was 22 years ago… Chiko had organised a tour guide for us. She […]

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