Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk

I had read about the Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk many times, but had never been on it and didn’t really know where it was. The internet told me it starts at the intersection of Oyster and Emperor Streets in Tin Can Bay, but there are not signs or anything and it was only luck […]

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Schloss Lembeck

Today we were going to Schloss Lembeck. It’s another water castle i.e. it has a moat. It’s a lovely place with a beautiful garden. It’s still inhabited by the owner, though some of it is a museum – which wasn’t open. Of course. But the park was, so Daniel, Eileen and I wandered through there, […]

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Sypesteyn and other castles

Time to go to Germany. Our accommodation was directly across the road from this castle with a lovely park. Its opening hours were not convenient for us any other day, so we waited for it to open and went to check it out. It was raining lightly when we got there, but it stopped, fortunately. […]

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Amsterdam – post cruise

We arrived in Amsterdam early in the morning and got our final breakfast eaten and then back to the cabin to pick up our gear – we didn’t put it through the ship’s luggage service since we didn’t have much. Made it all much quicker and we could get off when we wanted to. We […]

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We arrived in Copenhagen at 10, and disembarked shortly after. The walk into town is only about 40 minutes, so we decided to do that, taking our time and doing some sight-seeing along the way. First up was Kastellet, a 5 pointed fort that is a beautiful garden with moats etc. We walked along the […]

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Stockholm (again)

This is my second time in Stockholm. The first was in 2008. You can read about it here in my old blog: http://biancatrips.blogspot.com.au/2008/09/stockholm.html Coming into port in Stockholm is a long, drawn-out affair! You cruise past thousands of cute little islands and cottages and houses. It goes on for hours! It was raining in the […]

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We docked in Helsinki at 9 and got off the boat around 9.30. We got a tram into town from near the boat and just walked around wherever our fancy took us. First stop was Senate Square, with its Cathedral and statues: We explored around the back of the cathedral (the inside was positively boring […]

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St Petersburg, Russia

Day 1 We had an early start afer my having 2 hours of sleep because I just could not sleep the night before…I survived, though. Getting through customs took a while! The queues! Thank goodness it’s not like that anywhere else! But get through it we did, and then we were on our little bus […]

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We had a day at sea yesterday – nothing much to report. It was very relaxing – talking to people, sitting in our room and reading (and working on my blog), and of course lots of eating and drinking! Today we come into port in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s a lovely little city with an UNESCO […]

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Warnemuende and Schwerin

After a day at sea, we stopped at Warnemuende, early the third morning of our cruise. It’s a sleepy little town (or at least, in the morning!) on the Baltic. Apparently, it’s the biggest port on the Baltic sea, though. I took a few pics from the ship, and then we went for a walk […]

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We packed our stuff and had breakfast and then got the 8.09 train to Brussels-Midi. We had time enough to get some lunch and then the Thalys high speed train to Amsterdam. We got to our hotel via tram and then unpacked and did a last bit of washing since we had windows that opened […]

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