Schloss Lembeck

Today we were going to Schloss Lembeck. It’s another water castle i.e. it has a moat. It’s a lovely place with a beautiful garden. It’s still inhabited by the owner, though some of it is a museum – which wasn’t open. Of course. But the park was, so Daniel, Eileen and I wandered through there, […]

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Cinque Terre to Como, Italy

Today was another travel day. We went to our usual bar for breakfast and then went back and finished packing and checked out. We headed down to the station and caught an earlier train (and ran into some Aussies we’d met at dinner a couple of days ago) to Levanto. There we had to wait […]

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A Noosa Getaway

My friend, Eileen, asked me to accompany her on a mid-week getaway to Noosa and I was easy to convince. I thought I’d not see anything new, because I’ve been to Noosa before….I was so wrong! First stop was at our accommodations at Noosa Lakes Resort at Tewantin. Though we were there a couple of […]

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