Camping trip – Overnight in Miles

This was my first camping trip since I can remember camping as a child – and it happened to have been not too far from where we went on this trip! (ETA: Except for the camping trips to Cairns I went on in my twenties and thirties that I’d completely forgotten about!)

Since we’d borrowed a camper trailer that hadn’t been used for 20 years, 12 years of which it had been sitting out in the weather, we had to firstly get some better tyres put on it. This meant we didn’t leave til mid-morning. We had to stop just outside Ipswich because the bearings on one side of the trailer were heating up and detoured to a workshop to have that fixed. Fortunately, they were able to get stuck right in and we were only delayed about an hour.

We got to Miles around 4.30 and to Possum Park, our first caravan park of the trip, about 20 minutes later. This caravan park is really nice – the reception/caretaker is in one of the old World War 2 bunkers. Very roomy from the glimpse we got inside. As we drove into our actual campsite we saw that there already people around a campfire. I would have liked to join them and listen to some stories, but we had to put up our tent and ready our camp and cook dinner and do the dishes…. since we were inexperienced with it all, we took way too long and they were all gone back to their caravans.

However, we had a little bit of a look around after dinner and found the library and games rooms – which were actually converted railway carriages. We sat in the library for a while – Donald on his notebook and me reading on my phone – it was very nice! 🙂

Since we’d arrived so late, we got up early because I wanted to take some photos of the caravan park before we left:

This is where the people were sitting around the campfire the previous night:
20150908 Possum Park, Miles 1

The plane that’s being done up – I assume they’ll turn it into accommodation:
20150908 Possum Park, Miles 2

One of the railway carriages:
20150908 Possum Park, Miles 3

Our campsite:
20150908 Possum Park, Miles 4

One of the camp kitchens:
20150908 Possum Park, Miles 5

One of the bunkers you can stay in:
20150908 Possum Park, Miles 6

After wandering around and taking photos, we decamped and drove into town. When we had passed through the previous night, the creek was quite low, but it had rained in the night, so the water levels rose quite a bit:

20150908 The park by the creek in Miles 7

There were geese on the other side of the creek, but they saw us wandering along the other bank and decided to come over to investigate. Fortunately not straight away, because I was a bit worried about them – I’ve heard stories of how vicious they can be and these had goslings:

20150908 A family of geese at the park by the creek in Miles 8

20150908 A family of geese at the park by the creek in Miles 9

We left before they even hit our bank.

Then we drove on towards our destination. We stopped in Roma to purchase a piece of carpet to put under the tent because we were afraid that if we had stones underfoot we’d wear through the bottom of the tent, having it set up for 5 nights. We got a cutoff for a good price and threw it onto the back of the ute and got back underway.

The road after Injune was pretty rugged (though still bitumen) and it was interesting to see all the blue-tongue lizards basking on it. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, so it was probably quite safe for them!

More on this camping trip in the next post.

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