Travelling day from Grindelwald to Geneva

We started from Grindelwald after a leisurely breakfast and got into Interlaken in time to organise a lunch to have on the train to Bern and then Geneva.

The trip once we hit Lake Geneva was beautiful! (So was Bern, but it was too brief and I couldn’t get good photos!).

We got to Geneva and gotta say, first impressions were not so positive. People everywhere, and beggars wanting change. I think it was peak hour or something. And it was really hot, too, so people (me) were cranky…

We couldn’t find where to catch our tram from and the lady who helped us was also cranky…but told us where to find the damn thing at least.

Got the tram to the hotel and walked the long way round, since I thought the street we should’ve gone down was the parking lot for a furniture shopping centre across the road from the tram stop…

Once we got to our room, we did a bit of washing so we wouldn’t have to waste hours of our day elsewhere. It would have time to dry with our 3 nights here.

Then we headed back into town to find somewhere to eat. The concierge suggested we get off at Bel-Air in town, rather than central station, and that did make a better impression. We walked around a little bit but found the English Gardens full of festival – rides and hot dogs etc. It was huge! We didn’t want to get into that so we went to the old town.

Geneva Jet D’Eau
Fountain in the English Garden
Fountain in the English Garden
Near the English Garden

We happened on a nice quiet restaurant in a nice quiet but quaint street and had a salad. Eileen’s was cold cut roast beef slices, nicely presented, and mine was salmon tartare. Surprisingly filling for salads. We didn’t want to stay out after dark, so headed back to the hotel.

We did a bit of planning for our next couple of days and then went to sleep.

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