Schloss Lembeck

Today we were going to Schloss Lembeck. It’s another water castle i.e. it has a moat. It’s a lovely place with a beautiful garden. It’s still inhabited by the owner, though some of it is a museum – which wasn’t open. Of course. But the park was, so Daniel, Eileen and I wandered through there, […]

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Sypesteyn and other castles

Time to go to Germany. Our accommodation was directly across the road from this castle with a lovely park. Its opening hours were not convenient for us any other day, so we waited for it to open and went to check it out. It was raining lightly when we got there, but it stopped, fortunately. […]

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Warnemuende and Schwerin

After a day at sea, we stopped at Warnemuende, early the third morning of our cruise. It’s a sleepy little town (or at least, in the morning!) on the Baltic. Apparently, it’s the biggest port on the Baltic sea, though. I took a few pics from the ship, and then we went for a walk […]

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