Japan Food Tour – Takayama

Got up to a beautiful morning, aching all over from sleeping on a futon on tatami mats. Boy did I feel old! It was cool but lovely out, and there was time to photograph some flowers and admire the view before coming in to breakfast. I had the Japanese breakfast and Ela the Western: We […]

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Another fine day for us. The temple gong woke me at 6, so I finished up the blog entry from yesterday. Then, we packed ourselves up and walked to the tour hotel – only it was the wrong one, so we had to catch the subway to the right one. Oops. (Though we found out […]

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Asakusa by night

It feels like we’ve been travelling for 3 days, but it’s only been about 24 hours since we left Brisbane! The flight from Brisbane to Singapore arrived early and we had about 4 hours to kill at the airport. It’s a great airport so we had plenty to do (and eat) to fill in the […]

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